Historical Dance at Play summer workshop by New York Baroque Dance Company

  • Date/Time
    Thu Aug 02 - Sun Aug 05, 2018
    1:00 pm

    San Jose State University

    Dance Style(s)

    Thursday, Aug 2 2:30-3:15p Renaissance Basics 3:30-4:15p Baroque Basics 4:30-5:15p Partnering Basics 6:30-8:30p Welcome dance party Friday-Sunday 2 tracks of classes in Renaissance, Baroque and 19th century dancing from 9am - 7pm $425 – Standard rate (age 26 and up) includes $25 non-refundable registration fee $350 – Student rate (age 18-25) includes $25 non-refundable registration fee $350 – Teacher rate (teachers bringing at least 2 students) Day-rates: $75 half-day $125 full-day

    Please visit http://historical.dance for more info and to register

    Dorm and meal plans still available.

    Dancing masters such as Gottfried Taubert in 1717 and Henry Cellarius in the 1840s both encourage a sense of “play” in the ballroom. In this year’s workshop we will look at historical dance and period concepts of creativity, improvisation and the responsibility of the dancer / performer to express their individual style while dancing.

    Jennifer Meller (Renaissance), Catherine Turocy (Baroque) and Richard Powers with Joan Walton assisting (19th and early 20th century) will teach popular early dances as we explore the hard science of reconstruction mixed with the creative performance expected by each time period.

    Professional dancers, teachers, students, historic dancers, musicians, ballroom dancers are all welcome!

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