COVID Dance Safety

Do your part to keep dancing alive.

Whatever your beliefs or feelings about mask-wearing and vaccinations, please be considerate and do your part to keep others safe. It sucked to not dance for over a year, and even now, many dance venues and events have not re-opened. All it will take is a well-publicized outbreak for dancing to get shut down again.


DO get a COVID test frequently, anytime there is any reason to do so.

DONT come to a dance event until you have a negative COVID test result, if

  • you are sick/have any symptoms,
  • you might have been exposed,
  • you have been in close proximity to a large number of people (airplane, festival, etc)

It is very quick, easy and usually free to get a COVID test.

In Santa Clara County, schedule your FREE COVID TEST at:


DO contact people personally

DO respect people’s privacy

DONT blame or judge

If you test positive for COVID, notify everyone you came in close contact with, and especially organizers/hosts of any events you’ve been to recently. There is no shame in testing positive. It is not your fault that you got exposed. You are being community-minded by reaching out and proactively notifying people of possible exposure.

Suggested language: Hey I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but I just tested positive for COVID. I suggest that you get tested ASAP to make sure you don’t have it too. Testing is free and easy. Do you know how to get tested?

Event organizers/hosts: when someone notifies you of a positive test result, please treat this transactionally, without emotion or judgement. Thank the person for notifying you, wish them a speedy recovery, and then notify everyone this person may have been in close contact with, using all means possible. Respect people’s privacy / keep people’s names confidential. In addition to any social media posts you may choose to do, contact people personally via phone/text/email. The sooner you notify them, the sooner they can get tested and the quicker the spread will stop.